Friday, March 7, 2008


Faith is something abstract,
it is not a thing that can be seen,
it has to be believed,

People says 'you have to see first before your believe'
But God Says'blessed are they who believe without seeing'

Faith is believing in something when things seems so wrong,
Faith in something, somehow, God will work it out,
in His way and not in ours,

Faith is keeping a trust on something  that seems impossible,
to believe that out of nothing, God can do all things,
a trust that stays in our hearts even though people are ridiculing us for our beliefs,

Faith is a healing deed,
it gives strength to our hearts,
gives spirit to our body,
it is therapeutic for the losers mind,
and the essentials for the beautiful mind,
the enhancers for the great minds,

Faith comes from God,
and to God it must be returned,
and may you find solace in your faith,
as Joy and Love has given you.

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