Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trust in Him

Trust God 

Whatever comes to us in life,

Though seemeth good or ill,

We are to take no anxious thought,

For us it is God's will.

Then trust in Him through every trial

He may not understand

If we are His, it followeth

Our times are in His hand

His presence circles all our ways;

His kindly eye doth guide

Together all things work for good

If we in Him abide

"My friend, whatever your cross, 

God knows and understands

He lifted it Himself before He

gave it to you. 

Don't ever think He doesn't care.

"I do not mind the thorns along

The way my Master chose;

Tis worth a thousand ugly thorns

To find one lovely rose.

By Lucille Dobson Babienes.

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